Pricing for Android Apps

TranslationApp description translation and Keywords optimizationBased on the project requirement
App SubmissionSubmit App to 15 famous China Andriod app stores Based on the project requirement
Forums participationSubmit the recommendation article to China famous Andriod app online communitiesBased on the project requirement
SNS Marketing
Push app recommendation to millions user through Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo to grow the visibility of your app.Based on the project requirement
Weibo Account maintenanceCreate and maintain the weibo account for your app's followers(Create account for free)Based on the project requirement
China local mobile in-app ad SDK integrationChoose the beset China in-app ad platform and integrate the SDK with appsFree with profit sharing plan
App Site PromotionCreate and host the Chinese version of your app website and promotion with Baidu search engineBased on the project requirement
Online Video SubmissionPublish the demo video to the top3 China video websiteBased on the project requirement
Online Banner Buying & Planning
Provide you with a completely unique banner campaign in China. Based on the project requirement
General market information inquiryProvide the general market information about China mobile app marketBased on the project requirement
Customer market research reportCompose the market research report according to the customer's requirementBased on the project requirement
Market entry projectAssistant our clients to entry China mobile marketBased on the project requirement
Related Merchandise Help you to produce the related Merchandise , like iphone/ipad case with your apps' logo and picturesBased on the project
Localizded business operation support for China marketProvide local operation services, including local server renting, maintenance, customer support, offline marketing campaign and cusotmer and all above services.Based on the project. The profit sharing is acceptable.