Apple sold over more than 25,000,000,000 iphone iOS equipments in China during the past 5 years., including iphone, ipod Touch, ipad. Without a doubt, the Chinese iOS user will keep blooming.

There are hundreds of thousands of applications in the App Stores and that number is growing every day.  With thousands of App publishers looking for shelf space, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate your App from thousands of others. Only in china, there are more than 410,000 apps available in the App store.  How can you make you apps out of the huge number of apps.The 20 millions Chinese users can not be ignored. Attract Chinese users will help your app to gain more attention and downloads.

However, that localization is not just translation. There are specific programming conventions that must be followed to accommodate the translation. Our team are experts at this process for Apple SDK development, and have significant experience with other platforms and would love to help you with your project.

We specialize in working with developers for China market, brand and their agencies to plan and execute marketing strategies that will maximize the visibility of your App among Chinese users.

• Andriod App publishing for China market
There are more than 40 Andriod 3rd party app stores in China, which cover millions of Chinese andriod users. Because the Chinese mobile phone manufactures, like ZTE and Huawei, are producing less than 150$ mobile phones. More and more Chinese people will become Andriod users. We will help you to submit your apps to these Chinese Andriod app stores to reach up to millions Chinese users.

• App marketing for China market
Markeing is very important for an individual app, especially when we have more than half million apps available in various of app store. We will be responsible for the marketing campaign for your apps to increase exposure and make more potential users to know your apps.

• Forum participation of App Recommendation post
Forum participtaion service will help more optentional user to know get to know your apps and encourage them to buy and download your apps.

• App Description and keywords Localization & Optimization
Localization is not just translation. We will analyze your app description and keywords and optimize the description and recommend keywords based on Chinese users habits. All of our team are native Chinese speaker. We understand more about Chinese users.

• App Submission to Review Websites
Public reviews increase buzz around newly released apps. We will submit your application to be reviewed on the top China review websites. With our help, the online visibility of our client’s apps will reach to millions of China users.

Social Media Marketing
Our work with the famouse China SNS media parnters, including Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and Netease Weibo, marketing and promotion outreach will help to grow the visibility of your app.

• iTunes App Review and Star Rating
This service effectively promotes the quality of apps we market. We are able to provide clients with their ten positive reviews up to more than one hundred reviews within in several days in most cases. Furthermore, we ensure that all reviews & ratings that are submitted will all be positive – ranging form 4 to 5 stars.

• App Site Promotion
Apps need websites that are highly visible to consumers. It’s the best place for prospective customers to learn about applications straight from the people who know them best – their developers. Our web teams will help our client to setup up chinese version websites to raise awareness among chinese users.s.

Online Video Promotion
We can help you to publish your demostration video to excute the exposing campaigns across the web.

Online Banner Buying & Planning
Our team will analyze your application and design attractive yet cost effective digital banners to provide you with a completely unique banner campaign in China. The websites we work with are the top famouse iOS online medias with thousand of users.

Market Research & Consulting
With our global vision, local experience and network, we can help you to acquire valuable China mobile app market information(including users numbers, growth rate and consumption habit), undertake China market analysis report, market strategy proposal and help you reach up to millions of China mobile app users,.