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Research on Chinese Android App Stores

八 20, 2012   //   by admin   //   Market Reports  //  评论关闭

More and more non-Chinese developers pay attention to China, which is a big potential market for Android Apps due to the huge population base. We just make a research on Chinese Android App Stores. With this report, developers will know more about China Android App market

Many of Chinese Android App Stores are disappeared during the last half year.
As the quick growth of Chinese Android phone users, there are more than 50 Chinese Android App Stores are set up by end of 2011. If we calculate the Android App stores operated by Chinese Mobile carriers and mobile phone manufactures, the total stores are up to more than 400. Many of stores are homogeneous and only a collection for Apps. Because of the lack of money, many stores are shutdown in the last half year.

Promotion of Android Apps cost more than iOS apps
As a non-Chinese developer, you have to choose the competitive App store for your app. Regarding the repeated registration, uploading, approval processing to a few app stores; Android apps will cost 3 or 4 times iOS apps on these things.

Helpful statics data for Top 13 Chinese Android App Store
The following chart shows the statics data for Top 13 Chinese Android App Stores. The information will be helpful for you to choose the right stores for your apps

Research on Chinese Android App StoresThe data comes from Internet or app store’s official website. For any question, feel free to contact us.

The business opportunity is still waiting for lucky developers
According to the research of, there are 30 million activated iPhones in China and 60 million activated Android phones by the end of 2012Q1. But there will be more than 60 million iPhones and 140 millions Android phones by the end of 2012. The huge users doesn’t bring the huge revenue as Apple App Store.

The situation is changing as the time pass away. One of the Top 5 Android App Store can get more than 10 million dollars annual revenue from the co-operation with Game developer. China is still a potential market you cannot ignore.